Dear Sixth Grade Students and Parents:

Let me begin by welcoming you to middle school. While I won’t be working with Sixth Graders next year, I am looking forward to getting to know each of you as we progress through our year.

My future Seventh Graders would like to issue a challenge to you. We’re big readers in Middle School, and we’ll all be reading a lot over summer vacation. The question is can you, as a class, read more than next year’s Seventh Grade class?

Do you accept this challenge? If so, start filling in this form after school ends on Friday. You can either mail it to me at school, hold onto it until August, or email me at to let me know how much you’ve been reading. Then check back here to see who’s winning!

Have a wonderful summer!
Miss McMillan

Seventh Graders have read: 36,136 pages

Sixth Graders have read: 16,531 pages